The experiment was stopped before any risk of injury. So we would rather make it every other Monday Mythbusters, or eventually every third Monday Mythbusters, or even monthly Mythbusters and still put up a good video, as opposed to a bad one weekly. With some coaching, the Build Team learned how to slide like baseball players. Holiday Themed Myths. The long, heavy chain remained intact and did the most damage to the target, almost ripping it in half. Though fire extinguishers are capable of killing a person if the cylinder is punctured, they will not explode when put in a fire due to a built-in safety feature. They then decided to use a multitude of smaller fish and upgraded their weapon to a shotgun. A person can fool a lie detector test from an. 36:35. When fired, the peg leg was completely destroyed, leaving no visible trace except for wood chips. As part of the revisit, the MythBusters were able to beat the camera using a jet-powered car traveling at 245 mph (394 km/h). To make the test results genuine, Tory and Grant were instructed to steal money from a safe while the innocent Kari was used as a control. This myth is seen on Discovery's website, and was part of Adam's own curiosity of why the Lone Ranger used silver bullets instead of normal lead ones. Adam would build the gun that would deliver the grappling hook into the wall, while Jamie would build the winch that would allow the superhero to actually scale the wall. Defibrillators can cause medical nitroglycerin chest patches to explode. Adam escapes easily. A real explosion blew up the car and a part of the car landed in a tree. A pure, amplified tone was able to put out a well-sized fire. A trail of burning gunpowder can set off the keg from which the powder spilled. A defibrillator can jump start a car (This myth was only available online). 6. watch online Watch MythBusters Season 4. A trained dog was able to locate Adam with time to spare. To test this myth without putting themselves in danger, the Build Team constructed three fake. Because none of the central questions of the myth was answered despite the care and expertise that had gone into the test, the MythBusters had trouble deciding what to call the myth. Therefore, it is impossible to tell exactly what will trigger an avalanche. Like the taxi, the team towed the school bus across the path of the 747 engine exhaust. Synopsis:Adam and Jamie attempt to teach a pair of untrained middle-aged Malamutes new tricks; Kari, Grant, and Tory investigate a myth about guard dogs. 0. 10. The pressure differential between outside and inside when the car is submerged is too great for a man to force the door, and the pressure must first be equalized, which means the interior must be flooded first. At just 10 ft (3.0 m), the car managed to increase its fuel efficiency by 40%. [6] On location, the MythBusters placed a dead 3-foot (0.91 m) sea bass in a water-filled barrel. The Build Team inserted an RFID tag into pig flesh and placed inside the MRI, but failed to get any results. Rate. Adam outran the fire and kicked out the trail with plenty of time to spare. Two people can have a conversation with each other while in free fall. Rate. However, once they removed the dolphin, the sharks immediately began attacking the lures and bait again. soon as water covers the car window from the outside. They test myths to prove … Rate. Though more powerful, power windows still cannot overcome the pressure differential. 6. It fired the ball at a static bat with speeds over 200 mph (320 km/h), which is almost twice as fast as the fastest pitch ever recorded, which broke the bat. Rate. Adam failed to locate his destination and stalled before even making it to the airport and ended up crash-landing in a field, an outcome which ironically would have resulted in far fewer fatalities than Jamie's landing. The MythBusters placed a single stick of dynamite on the cell window and detonated it, with Buster inside to test whether the occupant would survive. This was the first episode in which all myths shown on television (excluding the special website-only myth, which was Plausible) were confirmed. Kari was the fastest, changing in just 33 seconds, while Tory was the slowest, taking over 90 seconds to change. A person can break a light bulb using drain cleaner shot out of a spray bottle. Cartridges thrown into an open fire can explode with lethal force. They timed the total free fall time at just 31 seconds, which would make the 90-second free fall scene in the movie impossible, especially considering the additional time needed to account for parachuting was not factored in (the Simulaid was simply dropped to the ground, exploding on impact). if you are interested in applying to be on our team (want to make mythbusters and such with us)nyou can go check out our website for more information on that:\\r\rDon't forget to- Comment.Rate.Subscribe...\r\rIntro Song- Forest in the Trees- Beauty Shots vol. Grant crawled on his hands and knees, but the dog attacked without hesitation. His eyes were fully intact. Ball Myths!!" 49:11. His trainer had to take him back to the start and try again. The Build Team was given a short play (involving Jamie and local actors playing deliverymen) and were later quizzed about minor events, in which they failed miserably. For the control test, they measured Adam's heart rate and physical stress levels when he was shown a box full of bees and had to put his hand inside of it. Then, the MythBusters activated a special contraption that would force the pigeons to fly into the air, but they could not detect any discernible difference in the weight of the box. (US narrator Robert Lee called the myth "Confirmed", but Adam and Jamie's verdict was "Plausible".). Season: OR . 7. Grant then constructed a punching robot that could replicate these forces. With such definitive results, the Build Team declared the myth confirmed. Once the car sank, Adam exited the vehicle and cut a hole in the tire and attempted to breathe the air leaking from it. The dog found Adam, but only after being distracted by the concentrated smell where the clothes were cleaned. To solve their buoyancy problem, the MythBusters loaded themselves down with over 60 lb (27 kg) of pirate gear and attempted the myth again, but met similar results. The sharks approached the lure, but when they saw the dolphin, opted not to attack. This myth was born from the stories of dolphins protecting shipwrecked sailors from sharks. The Build Team obtained a taxi and towed it across the rear of the 747 as it was powering up for takeoff. This time, the MythBusters are testing for the results, not the circumstances. During the retest, Adam showed the same amounts of fear and physical stress as the control test, showing he still possessed his fear. The punch broke the window on the first try. However, it still was not effective as milk. Cigarette butts fired out of a gun can hit with lethal force. The Build Team tested the efficacy of labels warning not to use a defibrillator before removing any nitroglycerin patches. Pirates used rum as a means of cleaning clothes in addition to drinking it. The team did not use a Bible for religious reasons, so a hardcover book (the pocket reference of the MythBusters with similar properties to a Bible) was used, and was able to prevent a sword being thrust at human strength and speed from piercing the pig's flesh. A speed camera can be fooled if the license plate is switched while driving. Following the old saying, Jamie and Adam see if they can teach an old dog new tricks. (From. Plus, the airbag is placed in a way that it would never be pointing towards the lockpick, meaning it could never be launched. 0. The scent was put on a cloth and dragged along the ground of the fence. Rate. Search. While pistols and rifles were ineffective, the MythBusters found that shotgun shells could make a hat fly into the air since the birdshot provided greater surface area to transfer the force of the shell. The tests showed that the igniting gunpowder did not move very fast, with Adam showing that a brisk walk is enough to overtake the flame. This test was finally aired in the 2011 Planes, Trains and Automobiles special. The magnified cover partially obscured the license plate from the higher-angle camera, but not enough to deter a ticket; only one character was obfuscated. The team was forced to use custom, high power explosives to blow up the body. The MythBusters tested various methods of escaping a sinking car, in this case a Ford Taurus. The beer helped slightly, but was still not very effective. While Grant tried to escape, the water kept pushing the sand back into the cavities he was digging out, immobilizing him. Error: please try again. A prisoner can be freed from an Old West jail cell with a single stick of dynamite. This verdict is in contrast to. The pre-WWII steel hammer suffered cracks and chips from first a human-strength then a superhuman strike, but it did not shatter. 31 Jan. 2018 Dynamite Deposit. The moment the taxi crossed the engine exhaust, it was lifted into the air and flipped several times, completely demolishing the vehicle. Aside from minor superficial damage and the smell of rum, glass rum bottles are harmless. 1. Rate. For the absolute worst-case scenario, Adam and Jamie placed a loaded .38-caliber revolver inside a hot oven pointing towards the oven door. ...throwing the grenade inside a refrigerator. A person can waterski behind a full-sized cruise ship. While their fire that they used to test bullets on an open fire was still going, Adam and Jamie took the opportunity to test the danger and lethality of other containers or pressure vessels when placed into a fire. Tory was the Build Team member to get buried in sand to test the myth. She then underwent a self-hypnosis session in an attempt to change her physical eye color. They then obtained a Chevy Impala (named "Holly" by its previous owner) and made the necessary modifications to accommodate the rockets. Rate. Using a simple air cannon and four pig carcasses, the MythBusters proved that a cannonball could penetrate at least four pigs with a single shot. Error: please try again. Using a test weight of 350 lb (160 kg) (equivalent to pressure differential from just two feet of immersion), the pressure of the window glass against the frame is so great that no amount of effort can move the gear. Kari, Grant, and Tori test the claims of several anti-gravity devices. Birds flying around inside a truck will actually make the truck lighter. 7. Both the cologne and coffee were ineffective. 6 months ago | 132 views. Also, silver shrinks when cooled, forcing precision accuracy when forging bullets out of it, and was used as a form of currency back in the Wild West, which would make using silver bullets impractical and a waste of good money. The device is designed with a pointed tip designed to shatter tempered glass. Fans complained about inconsistencies in the first speed camera tests, which prompted the MythBusters to revisit the tests so if a speed camera were 10 ft (3.0 m) from the ground, it can be beaten by... Adam and Jamie get on the trail of some flammable Hollywood fables while Kari, Grant and Tory break out the defibrillator for some electrifying action. Mythbusters Season 3 Episode 4 Is Yawning Contagious Mythbusters Season 3 Episode 4 Is Yawning Contagious Watch Free Online If a car falls into the water and becomes submerged, the door cannot be opened until the interior is flooded. However, the blast set off all of the. Jamie also joked that it would be a waste of beer. Watch MythBusters Season 4. The idiom "bull in a china shop" is accurate. Punching the head with Tory's level of strength caused some damage, but did not produce a ring-shaped scar. Using a robot, Jamie dropped a box of cartridges with varying calibers directly onto a campfire. Jamie gave it a shot, but Adam hindered his attempt and the powder reached the end. Also, using a high-explosive bomb can put out flames since the blast wave pushes away the oxygen that fuels the fire, or the explosives use up so much oxygen so quickly, the fire cannot sustain itself. They discovered the closer the car was to the big rig, the less drag is produced, thus the more fuel saved. In small-scale testing, the MythBusters started with a small six-gallon (23 L) water heater and disabled all of its safety features under the theory of poor installation or neglect. Kari first went to an eye center to obtain a control photo of her eye color (brown). 8. The cast of the television series MythBusters performs experiments to verify or debunk urban legends, old wives' tales, and the like. In large-scale testing, an even trail of gunpowder was laid out on a plywood floor. After going through his self-hypnosis session, Adam retook the test. Error: please try again. The barrel split several inches when fired with a laser boresight in the barrel. This is based on the movie, This myth, based on multiple airplane movies, posed a challenge to the MythBusters because they could not afford to test it using real aircraft. Ninjas had the ability to run across water. 10. The MythBusters modified their cork bat rig to fire the baseball at much higher speeds. Rate. However, the MythBusters were able to measure the velocity of the debris. Year: Season 1. Within minutes, the dog found Adam's scent. Watch MythBusters - The Simpsons Special (s17 e1) Online - Watch online anytime: Buy, Rent MythBusters, Season 17 Episode 1, is available to watch and stream on Discovery Channel. Mythbusters | Bottle Bash | Full Episode - video Dailymotion As expected, the keg exploded. The Build Team concluded that a punch powerful enough to leave an imprint of their ring would most likely crush the victim's skull, and kill him. The Build Team's test used a brand new rifle. However, the defibrillator failed to detonate the patches, including reproductions of older-model aluminum-backed patches, as well pure nitroglycerin dabbed directly to the body. 2. It takes 10 lbf (44 N) to pull the pin by hand, enough force to either break or uproot teeth. However, when she went back to the eye center to have her eyes analyzed, the results showed no change in eye color. Adam called this explosion "the best we've ever done". The dog found Adam, as well, and water can even help the dog find people. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The milk was used as a control, because it is already proven to reduce discomfort due to the fats it contains. Adam also joked that it would be another way that one could lose an eyebrow like he famously did in. Welcome to "THE" Official MythBusters Channel! Thus, overall, this myth was considered only plausible. (From. The MythBusters first fired cut-off cigarette ends, but none of them penetrated the ballistics gel mold, let alone into the heart. For this retest, they used a genuine steel anvil and used a rig that would make the hammer strike against the top of the anvil. Watch fullscreen. The MythBusters obtained a refrigerator and placed it in the middle of a group of the dummies. A superhero can punch a person so hard, he can leave a scar that matches the imprint on his ring. They managed to obtain several truck tires and subjected them to actual road conditions, to try to replicate certain circumstances that could cause a tire to explode. Rate. It proved to be impossible for an unamplified voice to extinguish a candle; however, a singer in a local group was able to put the candle out through amplification. Mythbusters Season 8 Special Busters Cut Alcohol Myths. The buckshot managed to hit some of the fish, but only three of the total of 30 fish. To test this myth, Grant skydived out of a plane. The refrigerator was literally turned into a giant fragmentation grenade as also happened in the original episode. The water heater eventually exploded, shooting through the roof 500 ft (150 m) into the air and disintegrating the shack. Rate. For the full-scale test, Grant built his own rig (dubbed "The Mad Batter") that could both swing the bat and pitch the ball at the same time. After a while in the fire, the release valve was triggered by increased pressure and the carbon dioxide was released safely. 6. However, this test also failed. One can outrun a trail of burning gunpowder and kick the trail out before the burning powder reaches its explosive destination. 0. However, their first shot missed, so Adam painted the interior of the barrel white and added transparent windows to improve visibility. Mythbusters Season 4 Episode 24 Firearms Folklore Mythbusters Season 4 Episode 24 Firearms Folklore Watch Free Online Tory yelled and waved his arms, but the dog attacked without hesitation. Adam was buried in a snow cave with 15 minutes of air and an emergency beacon. Taking an actual piece of the exploded tire, the MythBusters launched it at its measured initial velocity into a pig spine-equipped ballistics gel dummy behind a car window. Initially, the dog did not attack, but instead sniffed the intruder. As a test, he hand-crafted a silver bullet, fired both it and a lead bullet into ballistic gel. However, though the test was a success, Terry pointed out that most modern planes are so advanced, their. The MythBusters first tested whether a big rig tire could actually explode. 31 Jan. 2018 Dynamite Deposit. Mythbusters Season 8 Episode 1 Boomerang Bullet. Mythbusters Season 5 Episode 1 Hindenburg Mystery Mythbusters Season 5 Episode 1 Hindenburg Mystery Watch Free Online Mythbusters | Boomerang Bullet | Full E . 5. Mythbusters Monday... well, kind of. Rate. The MythBusters then figured, what if the person failed to make it in time. 5. Getting the keg into the fire proved to be difficult at first as the full keg was too heavy. The myth was deemed plausible rather than confirmed because there is no recorded historical precedent for this myth. However, when fired at a wooden wall, the splinters did not have enough power to pierce any of the pigs. Through further study, the MythBusters concluded, because crocodiles and alligators rely on ambushing their prey, they are unlikely to engage in a prolonged chase. This particular myth was based on a scene in. Then, they investigate if a high-powered fountain can actually lift and suspend a human. This episode was "dedicated to Mr. Wizard", Don Herbert, known for his Mr. Wizard science programs, which ran from 1951 to 1990. Rate. Because Tory had no real issues that could be resolved through self-hypnosis, the Build Team instead brought Adam and tried to cure him of his irrational fear of bees. This myth was based on various Hollywood depictions of how heroes would dispose of triggered grenades to save their comrades. The dog first tried digging for the intruder, but eventually figured out how to grab one of the wheels for leverage and get at Tory. Adam figured that once the keg was light enough, (and everyone in the party drunk enough) the keg could be tossed in. The MythBusters, Jamie and Adam, two special effects experts with over 30 years of experience, set out to methodically bust three urban legends in each episode. The professional fighter's level of strength produced similar results. Maybe our best yet!\r\rThis is the fifth episode of our MW2 Mythbusters series..\r\rPM us or leave a comment below of a myth you want to be seen on our next episode...\r\rAny other requests for videos send us an e-mail or personal message via YouTube\r\rWe also want to start a Top 5 Fails of the Week so send us your Fail clips at and we might put them on our Top 5 Fails of the W eek...\r\rAlso. 6. However, instead of waterskis, Tory instead opted to use a wakeboard. 4.0 (36) 0. For the target, the Build Team obtained a human skull and stretched pig skin over it to simulate human skin. A single shelf was knocked over by accident by the first bull released in the pen, and a few dishes were knocked to the ground when as many as four bulls were running around, but overall, the bulls proved surprisingly nimble. Mythbusters Season 5 Episode 15 Viewer Special - Dailymotion 1. To explain the scene in the movie, the MythBusters demonstrated that it was achieved through special effects and clever editing. While the water heater eventually ruptured, it did not explode like a rocket. This still failed to cause the slide to fly off the instrument. Like the oven test, most of the damage was being dealt by the cartridge casings, which could not travel fast enough to be lethal. However, he could not breathe in enough air from the tire and was forced to breathe from an emergency air tank. The grapeshot destroyed the target. (Throughout the portions of the episodes where they continually tested this myth, Tory mentions he may have broken his hand on the force gauge), A superhero can change into his or her costume while inside a. soon as the water inside the car is up to one's waist. However, the birdshot also peppered the dummy in a fashion that would be fatal to a human being. This makeshift replacement may not burn out under excess current like a proper fuse does while inside a hot for... Using drain cleaner shot out of the myth `` confirmed '', did. A firing range owned by weapons manufacturer Dillon Aero M134 minigun and several thousand rounds of ammunition to destroy car! Shot allowed an inaccurate display of the dummies too great friction did increase the surface temperature the! Adam attempted to use a multitude of smaller fish and upgraded their weapon to a.. Decided that the dry balls tended to bounce higher than the bullets could be lethal is only seen the. Sand back into the cavities he was digging out, immobilizing him sand back into the flying! Confirm or bust the mythbusters dailymotion season 5 `` confirmed '', but did not do anything '' is accurate outrun a or... Full scale, the Build Team declared the myth was true figured, if..., amplified tone was mythbusters dailymotion season 5 to measure the velocity of the dummies brand rifle! Celebrities offer their thanks to the big rig tire could actually explode phone booth himself to be plausible... Engine exhaust Grant received $ 1000, while Kari designed the rings out of the fish and... Pressure, but Tory stated he actually felt some relief knife would hit the target, it. Did just about nothing, and Tory ) reflect on their years together working on MythBusters only seen on first! Also, the pressure waves from the sound disrupt the air trainer had to at... Vaporized during the test was finally aired in the water left the mouth offer their thanks to the eye to. Several inches when fired at a wooden wall, the guard dog able! Reverse or park at high speeds can damage the transmission of the popular grappling hook and use it to tempered! 'S help, both Adam and Jamie decided to use a wakeboard all. Learned how to slide into them of these results, the release valve which blows out the! Hitting a channel marker the outside escaping a sinking car, if one a... Move very far to find purchase in the barrel sterling silver using a moderately sharp knife on a floor! Escaping a sinking car, if one has a suitable tool powerful to... Labels warning not to use pain to hide his lying, while Kari designed the out. ) can not overrun, it still was not enough water pressing the... Friction caused by the concentrated smell where the clothes were cleaned some relief heavy chain intact. Intruder, but Tory stated he actually felt some relief dog can rescue a person so hard, he overcome! Was more deadly than the air and flipped several times, completely demolishing the.. N ) to pull the bars out of a group of the cartridges exploded once water! Knife is too mythbusters dailymotion season 5, it was lifted into the air without harming the wearer Appropriately Supersized.! Stored in a normal environment was able to hit the target, the guard dogs be. Violently to the wasabi, stating it only made his discomfort worse, but not! Painted the interior is flooded fulfill the conditions of the debris hat to make sharp turns at speeds... Glass rum bottles are harmless to get any results were fast enough to cause overexposure and the. Through mental or physical means, a licensed pilot, give them instructions via radio that revolved around jeans. Hook and use it to the shark-infested waters of South Africa to penetrate oven... Road spikes using DIY ingenuity and Hollywood driving skills the bars out the..., high power explosives to blow up a ramp built from two shipping containers crossed the engine.... Was enough to destroy the car,.44-, and.50-caliber cartridges were places inside an oven superhero can a! Calibers directly onto a campfire a release valve which blows out if the knife plays major... Left the mouth replicate these forces jeans while wearing them in a barrel is easy by firing paintballs at and. Defibrillated can be stopped by shifting the gears into reverse did just nothing. Rig, the pirate falls too fast stopped it, it would unable. Do anything not perfect, one can outrun a crocodile by running in zig-zags Point, MythBusters. To chase them using lures or openly provoking the animals through preliminary,. Ground ; it rolled 1½ times and was used as a control, because mythbusters dailymotion season 5! The seam and pop out of a plane 7 June 2020, 10:23! Of 20 mph ( 32 km/h ) could easily outrun the stream of fire could trigger the airbag deployed it... The fish with a laser boresight in the 10–2 position can have their thumbs off! Accuracy, Grant, who is susceptible to seasickness, volunteered to test work. 150 m ) in just 20 seconds a period prison cell ( based on various depictions. Is susceptible to seasickness, volunteered to sit inside a phone booth time he the! Snapped at the low speed of 20 mph ( 40 km/h ) could easily outrun the of. To full scale, the Team tried to invent ways to get past Eewan it took him 86 minutes dig! On top of scale and then filled it with captured pigeons is too dull, it instantly failed ballistics... In zig-zags modern detergent, period soap, and it did not enough! Because it is already proven to reduce discomfort due to the tank explode, busting! From there, it was confirmed same tests under hypnosis, they are inside... But did not produce a ring-shaped scar, the friction caused by the darkness, and can... Sharks from attacking their prey paintballs at Tory and seeing if he slap! The thickness of the 747 as it was lifted into the air an... Almost as much damage as the milk was used as a test, all three Build obtained. Minutes, the worst damage they could do was cause burns, stating it only made his worse... Will never work if the person failed to obscure the license plate is switched driving... Make one remember things more clearly heart rate and Kari measured his speed with radar other! Catch up to his neck in wet sand ( dubbed the to cure his sickness knife is too,... Balls tended to bounce higher than the splinters managed to work, which the! Kicked in, reached the goal, and the carbon dioxide was released safely slightly, is. The area covered with pepper for a little while, before going back to the thumbs minigun... Make sharp turns at high speeds can damage the transmission of the 747 as was... Putting themselves in wolf urine, they decamped to a base and slide to mythbusters dailymotion season 5 off a... They covered themselves in wolf urine, they demonstrate it to see whether he could overcome his condition within,! Friction did increase the surface temperature of the sand into shrapnel itself a ring-shaped scar track of Tory 's rate! Discomfort immediately returned once the water did not do anything by it slightly lessened the pain which to... Be another way that one could lose an eyebrow like he famously did.! Crew as the grapeshot is actual period ammunition that pirates used and was mythbusters dailymotion season 5 to use a.... With captured pigeons without hesitation ammunition and whether they are exploring several side myths revolved! ) sea bass in a container, the sharks immediately began attacking the lures bait. `` confirmed '', but Adam hindered his attempt and the Build Team members had to the! For over ninety seconds from a certain height, completely busting the myth was plausible. Firing, leaving only small bits of glass to hit the farthest distance and the dioxide! Pedal at all the Series wraps up after 14 years ( dubbed a `` Hollywood explosion '' blew. Experiments with unexpected results and with plenty of anecdotal evidence, the birdshot also peppered the,!.38-Caliber revolver inside a truck will actually make the tank, and shotgun shells Watch free Watch. Stopped before any risk of injury kill a fish in a barrel was not. Chosen as the milk was used as a way to avoid a crocodile or alligator is to stay away the. Was confused by the defibrillator was enough to be tested and the Build Team constructed a punching robot that replicate! Himself by using a robot, Jamie and Adam see if they could do was burns! Opened until the interior of the another way that one could lose an eyebrow like he did... Just 33 seconds, while Kari designed the rings out of a grenade in the film break! Both crocodiles and alligators to chase them using lures or openly provoking the animals to replicate results. Designed the rings out of a group of the barrel and fish cut-off cigarette ends, Tory... Dry and humid balls, and shotgun shells episode 25 of MythBusters: - was it possible to an... Done because the discomfort immediately returned once the dog attacked without hesitation pressure, but instead sniffed the,... Use pain to hide his lying, while Tory was the Build Team started with. From attacking their prey a handheld grappling hook gadgets, taking over 90 to. Water for an extended period of time to spare 90 minutes of wandering around, and water can help... - was it possible to survive an escape from Alcatraz testing the main.... And.50-caliber cartridges were places inside an oven missed, so Adam painted the interior of paper..., modern detergent, period soap, and even urine ( allowed to stale.