You will need to download the firmware files from the MiniLab resource page on the Arturia website. Maybe you’ll want to enjoy MiniBrute 2 as the musician’s best friend it is; enjoying its devoted attention, safe in the privacy of your studio, and at the center of your creative setup. up to 5 octaves. This version supports Mac OSX 10.7 and higher, and Windows 7 and Windows 8. Both LFO supply 6 waveforms and can run in sync to the Sequencer. Take a look at its front panel, get yourself acquainted. 25 note velocity-sensitive keyboard with aftertouch. Use Program Change to switch patterns, and Bank MSB to switch Bank, Shift + Tempo allows for fine tune of tempo above .99 and below 0, MIDI Control Change implementation for Local control On/Off for pads, All Notes Off, All Sounds Off, Recording Note On resets Step Repeat value, MIDI Notes and pad blinking is now longer, Pattern change is prevented while Recording to avoid lost recordings, MIDI loopback removal (Does not echo Midi In anymore), Clap instrument sound enhancement (Better timing of triggers), Gobal variables are reset to default value after a hard reset, Restart after pause properly restarts when slaved, MIDI Start and Continue now properly handled, Bank and Pattern switch always maintains sync, Metronome sound has no more irregularities, Metronome now starts in sync after a Pause, Looper now stays in sync when slaved to a 2PPQ clock, Set first step of loop in Looper even with shifted steps, Looper handles properly pattern lengths inferior or equal to looper length, AutoSync handles properly changes from master to slave and from slave to master, Pause now properly handled when slaved to 2PPQ clock, Sync works when slaved to a clock with no Run signal, Copy Track and Pattern now properly copies the length, "Click on bank then pattern" option now functional when "Wait to load pattern" is set to off, Changing pattern when "wait to load pattern" is Off keeps sync, Update current page and last step LED indicators after Erase, MIDI Contol Change implementation for Local control On/Off for pads, All Notes Off, All Sounds Off, MicroFreak : Added 128 preset slots in MicroFreak, MicroFreak : Preset bank "Factory 3.0", with Vocoder presets on slots 304 to 320, MCC does not crash anymore when performing recall from KLE, MicroFreak : improved preset transfer speed, Updated warning message when sending a bank to MicroFreak, All Devices: Minor firmware upgrades bugfixes, KeyStep Pro: Embedded firmware is now version 1.3.2, KeyStep Pro: Embedded firmware is now version 1.3.1, KeyStep Pro: Add option to set Mod Wheel CV MOD Source, KeyStep Pro: Add support for setting a Track output MIDI channel per project, MicroFreak : Added support for Firmware 2.1.3 (Vocoder Edition), compatible with all MicroFreak units, MicroFreak : Added "Factory 2.1" bank of 224 presets , with Vocoder presets on slots 208 to 224, Updated embedded Firmware version for MicroFreak, Add the new pad backlight mode control from MCC, Add the no color param for pads to allow pad backlight deactivation, Allow the user to stop the octave led blinking, Matrixbrute : implemented sleep mode setting, Embedded KeyStep Pro firmware is now version 1.1.7, Added a "firmware update available" popup, KeyStep Pro: Controller Map is no longer visible, KeyStep Pro: Added option to change CV Pitch Bend Range, KeyStep Pro: Removed Knob Mode option in Control mode section, MatrixBrute : update pop-up message is now fixed, Matrixbrute : regeneration does not oscillate anymore on some presets, Progress bar now better reflect the real firmware loading progress, Added "Factory 2.0" presets bank for the Microfreak, Added relative bend, scale, and root note settings for the Microfreak, Updated embedded firmware versions for all products, Added MatrixBrute Factory 2.0 bank for MCC, Catalina compatibility: Notarize macOs installer, Added a modal popup when transfering preset or memories, Various improvements for preset transfer and communication with devices, Add support and parameters for KeyStep firmware 1.1.0, KeyLab MKII : added support of USB to CV out, KeyLab MKII : added acceleration on knobs, Keylab MKII : added support of MMC messages, Keylab MKII : Midi notes can now be assigned to sustain, expression and auxiliary pedals, Improved Firmware version detection for every device. Affecting the VCO1 FM amount with the LFO? 2 LFO’s with Sync: Sine, Tri, Saw, Square, Random, Slew Random, Inputs and Outputs for the voice and sequencer, Utility modules: inverter, attenuators, VCA, 25-key velocity and pressure sensitive keyboard, Arpeggiator types : Up, down, inclusive, exclusive, random, note order, double up, double down modes, 8 step-sequences with Rest, Tie and Legato note entry. One thing’s for certain: once you get your hands on this beast, you’ll never want to take them off. Page 69: Pattern Events Just hold the Alt key (Option on a Mac), select one of the events, and drag them all into the new area. Soundwise it is clearly more flexibel than ever before. DrumBrute features 17 unique and … Copyright © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); Arturia Tous droits réservés / Having the AD envelope affecting its own decay to make it sharper? The newest member of Arturia’s Brute family, DrumBrute is a … Arturia’s DrumBrute Impact is a workhorse analog drum machine. Arturia DrumBrute Analog Drum Machine and Sequencer | Reverb Additional drum samples and light processing on the MiniBrute 2 parts. External effects include: EQ, Pan, Reverb and Delay from Ableton Live 9. Allows for mixing the levels of the individual waveforms of the oscillator 1 and 2, the noise A synthesizer that would sound huge and yet be compact, self-contained and versatile. External effects include: EQ, Reverb and Delay from Ableton Live 9. In case of trouble while installing a preset bank, please refer to our technical support. These would make a great addition to an existing system like Thom’s studio or, if you’re just starting out like Geoff, are not likely going to be something you’ll want to replace as you get deeper with synths. 17 Analogue drum sounds: 2 separate kicks, snare, clap, hihat 1, hihat 2, conga hi, conga lo, tom hi, tom lo, maracas, rimshot, clave, tambourine, cymbal, zap and reverse cymbal; Steiner-Parker filter with two … VCO2 : Sine, Saw, Square waveforms (three tuning ranges). You’ll notice the now-iconic Brute oscillators, the acidic Steiner-Parker filter, and the mayhem-inducing Brute Factor knob that has become the signature Arturia synth element for many fans. VCO 2>1 Hard Sync, VCO1 linear and exponential FM. The Arturia Drum packs 17 distinct drum noises: Pour 1, 2 kicks 2, trap, clap, hi-hat 1, hi-hat 2, conga hi, conga low, tom hi, tom low, maracas, rimshot, clave, tambourine, cymbal, reverse … $318.79. Read more. If you experienced this bug on Mac 10.9, you might have to open Audio MIDI Setup and remove the MIDI Devices that had this problem. Clicking on it will open the Firmware Upgrade window (equivalent to going in the menu Device>Firmware Upgrade...), Fixed a bug where the Save button would stay disabled after changing a slider value. MiniBrute 2 sweeps conventions aside, in terms of sound, features, and preconceptions of what a synth should be. Return and Refund policy. Syncs to MIDI clock BeatStep support. Moreover, you can now press the 'Delete' key to quickly delete a template. In the Default Keylab template, the transport buttons now send MMC messages (to reflect an upcoming firmware update). DrumBrute gives you massive connectivity and vital control. operation. Where the original was a great tool for gritty leads and basses, this follow-up is equally well-equipped for evolving drones, inharmonic FM sounds and out-there SFX. If you want to take your sound with you, simply fold down your sonic EcoSystem and pack it into the safety and security of a RackBrute Travel Bag. DrumBrute offers seventeen true analog sounds, unique performance effects, modern step sequencer, ease of use, and great connectivity. In addition to its clear, streamlined architecture, we also created a preset “Cook Book” for you to discover its abilities at your own pace. Integration of Arturia USB MIDI driver for Microfreak in Windows version, allows "multi-client" MIDI handling, for Microfreak only. This modulator can generate AD, AHR or loopable envelopes. ARTURIA – DrumBrute – USER’S MANUAL 3 Th. DrumBrute V Bug fixes. No external samples or instruments were used. Changing the clock to 48ppq allowed me to synchronize a vintage Korg KPR-77. The story of the MiniBrute 2 species starts here. Control MiniBrute from your DAW or use it as a master keyboard. Integration of 2 factory preset banks for the Microfreak, MatrixBrute : Presets name, type, and characteristics can now be edited in device's area, MatrixBrute : No more failure when renaming projects, Matrixbrute : Interval between projects now follows scroll position properly, DrumBrute Impact added to the list of devices, MCC will recall the previous display size on reopening, MatrixBrute : Factory project is now well displayed on osx 10.13, Integration of MiniBrute 2 & MiniBrute 2S, MatrixBrute : Added VCO 1 & 2 CV 0v Offset, MatrixBrute : Added Lower Part MIDI Channel, MatrixBrute : Improved Sync Clock In/Out Settings, MatrixBrute : Preset info properly loaded when selecting MatrixBrute in the list of devices, Improve tooltip message when Sync not available, Failed to open device : a better workflow/popup is now provided, Drumbrute : "All" has been removed from global midi channel, Updated Minilab MK2 firmware for offline update, MIDI Control Center properly handles firmware updates when the computer is offline, Minilab MkII added to the list of devices, After a firmware update, MCC displays properly device settings, No more crashes if drumbrute is disconnected while transferring data, Improved memory handling for MiniLab - Sync or Working Memory manipulations created issues, Updated BeatStep firmware for offline update, Devices are now not editable when in firmware update mode, It is now possible to read the connected device's firmware version after an update of the MCC, Keystep : add courbe "soft" for aftertouch issue, Keystep : set popup to update fw if version smaller, Keylab 88 : missing value for pad velocity curve, Keylab 88 : Snap button as KBD memory - memory number default value is wrong, Importing device settings, impossible to find the file to import, Limit zoom out in piano roll and drum roll, BeatStep pro : Add Wait To Load Pattern function, BeatStep pro : wrong global settings at opening, BeatStep pro : Wrong param id Seq2 Hz/V 1V MIDI Note, BeatStep pro : New factory preset (MIDI&USB, Wait to load ON, Pas to Midi Channel USER), BeatStep pro : "Device not connected" pop up when BSP not connected, BeatStep pro : Remove Sync feature on BSP, BeatStep pro : set drum map range to [0,127], BeatStep pro : inversion Seq1 Gate et Seq 2 Pitch, KeyLab 88 : update (transpose, bank MSB for pads, sustain pedal threshold), Minimal Required version popup : for KL88, for BSP, partial transfert of parameters from computer to device. Like other iconic analog drum machines, the DrumBrute Impact comes with onboard sounds like kick, handclap, and even an FM … When you’re ready to experiment, you’ll find we’ve provided you with a set of patch cables so you can start reworking its sound and networking with other modules in your creative setup. Every function is immediately accessible from the front panel. Data privacy policy / If you’re interested in a compact system that combines flexible synthesis, sequencing and Eurorack capabilities, the new range has to be high on your list of candidates.". The DrumBrute … Thanks to its massive CV/Gate patch bay, you will be able to reinvent and restructure your MiniBrute 2 at any time. for huge sounds, Metalizer adds complex harmonics to the triangle wave. BeatStep Pro Sync function was replaced by drag and drop between device memories and local templates. The Arturia DrumBrute is an intuitive drum machine featuring 17 distinct, analog drum voices, exciting performance features, and huge connectivity. Features: - 17 pure analog drum sounds - Kick 1, kick 2, snare, clap, hi-hat 1, hi-hat 2… An acid-like track inspired by world music flutes and brass instruments coming together in harmony, emulated by clean saws and squares. Legal notices / Connect and sync MiniBrute to any DAW or hardware MIDI equipment. Once you take a look at MiniBrute 2’s layout and features, everything becomes clear. Very fast rates can be Maybe you’ll want to share its awesome tricks and sonic prowess on stage, with an audience. generator and the external inputs. ", "The MiniBrute 2 Series are powerful new synthesizers. ", "In terms of flexibility the MiniBrute 2S is made to be the center for a modular setup, or as a starting point for going modular. Data privacy policy / Octave buttons allow transposition of The way you perform is up to you. Sawtooth, Pulse and Triangle waves with unique modifiers and direct FM control. Local Control is forced to On after firmware update, Touch Strip can now send a CC message and can be activated via a CC message, Shift + Swing will Shift all the activated steps of the selected instrument, Pads and Sequencer can now separately send on MIDI DIN and MIDI USB, Switch from Looper to Roller when not in Recording mode : Shift + Step 9, "Wait to load pattern" shortcut : Shift + Step 14, Better handling of Song Position Pointer messages, Better handling of Pads to avoid double trigs, Pattern's tempo is now updated when switching off "Global BPM", Changing Bank and Looper are now properly handled in Song mode, Bank A is now initialized after a "Factory Reset", Unquantized / Shifted notes are now played properly when using external Sync, Holding a step for more than 0.7 second does not deactivate it anymore, so that the Step Repeat value can be viewed without changing step on/off, Randomness applies only when tracks have active steps within the pattern length, Recording a song now appends patterns and does not erase the existing song anymore. Selectable waveform between sine, saw and square. Performance DrumBrute … The time is nigh, the moon is full, and MiniBrute 2 is ready to howl. Drag and drop Controller Map, Sequences, Drum Sequences separately from local templates to BeatStep Pro. Let’s be honest, you’re not here because you want the same old synth, are you? This manual covers the features and operation of Arturia’s DrumBrute… An expanded synth engine, semi-modular architecture and flexible control options make this a seriously competitive monosynth. The other half is the sequencer, and this one clearly benefits from Arturia… There is now a confirmation when deleting a template. Arturia - User Manual DrumBrute … Looking a bit further, beyond the usual modulation sources and controls, you’ll notice some exciting, unexpected features: a second VCO; a second LFO; new VCO and Filter frequency modulation possibilities; modifier-related modulation destinations; a brand new, loopable AD envelope. Now with semi-modular architecture, you … You can access it from the Device menu. The DrumBrute’s front panel measures 418 x 276mm. The MiniBrute 2S is an impressive analogue synth and a real step up from its predecessor. External effects include: EQ, Auto Filter, Reverb and Delay from Ableton Live 9. The addition of the patchbay really does massively expand the flexibility and potential. The Brute Factor™ can add subtle drive effects to full blown intermodulation havoc. Every aspect of the synth, from its layout to the carefully chosen components, reflects their painstaking obsession to bring you the most adaptable, joyous analog synth around. Whether ir not you already know Arturia products, DrumBrute is easy to use right out of the box. Once MiniBrute 2 has staked its claim as head of the pack, you can use the exclusive Link system to connect it to a RackBrute, set it up in different configurations, and start gathering Eurorack modules within a perfectly fitted and ultra-solid case. Some It’s a synth that absolutely rewards tinkering and experimenting. did a live improv jam on The new #arturia #drumbrute #impact. Sporting a high quality, aftertouch-enhanced 25-key keyboard, an inspiring arpeggiator, and a smart and effective sequencer. The patchbay adds flexibility and character that make this a very serious competitor in the now crowded analogue monosynth market. This is synth evolution. Arturia Drumbrute … a “Cook Book” jam-packed full of superb sonic recipes for you to try out, put together by some of the most illustrious synth-chefs around. Analog powerhouse. Firmware files are available on the website. MiniBrute 2 has evolved from the legendary monosynth that revolutionized the analog scene with its mixable waveforms, Steiner-Parker filter, and Brute Factor. The possibilities are practically unlimited, and even more so if you have CV/Gate-enhanced gear and Eurorack modules to welcome into the pack. The product is great, it is an arturia drumbrute IMPACT, the description doesn't say so, also, the image is wrong, they have put an image of the Drumbrute, which is a another version by the same company. Factor in sync compatibility with DrumBrute and other modules and the Arturia MiniBrute 2 is a great fit for … Now with semi-modular architecture, you can splice its genome and expand its raw power into the world of Eurorack modular. Modulating the Metalizer amount to an audio pulse? The brainchild of Arturia’s daring product manager Seb Rochard, born on the foundations of synth guru Yves Usson's unique approach to synthesis, MiniBrute 2 is truly an instrument by musicians for musicians. They take everything we liked about the original – the analogue grit, interesting oscillator shaping, Brute factor – and expand on it considerably. Return and Refund policy. Firmware upgrade is now possible for the MiniLab owners. Importing a template would sometimes change the selection in the Templates list. Flexible sequencer or arpeggiator allows for instant melodic phrases. With their help, you are now ready to improve your knowledge and use of the instrument. No dropdown menu, no waste of time. 48 CV inputs and outputs to control many elements of the synthesizer and sequencer. obtained. This is no longer the case. *This version supports Mac OSX 10.7 and higher, and Windows 7 and Windows 8. The unit … There are two ways that creatures thrive: adapting, and grouping together. A window positionning problem when launching the application is fixed. Touch Strip can now send a CC message and can be activated via a CC message; Shift + … Mod Wheel & Aftertouch destinations and Pitch Bend amounts can all be set. How far it goes, and where it will take you is all up to you. Arturia DrumBrute Impact Analog Drum Machine + Pro Co EXM-10 Excellines. MiniBrute 2 is at its boldest, most instinctive best when it exists as part of a full, creative environment. ", "In conclusion, if you’re looking to get started with analog synthesis, all of the Brutes are great entry level synths in terms of price, but also deliver serious sonics and flexibility well beyond what you’d expect from an entry level unit. In this video, Bryan shows how to process DrumBrute Impact’s sound with external effects, and sync to other music gear using MIDI and … The MiniBrute 2’s closest competitor is probably Moog’s Mother-32 and much like that synth, which is housed in a Eurorack friendly chassis, Arturia clearly wants the MiniBrute to act as a base for your modular system - it has even launched the RackBrute … Mac 10.9 and Windows 8: Some devices were not properly seen as connected or the communication failed. CV-controllable, too. hannkk y. yoouu foorr rppuurcchhaassiinngg rtthhe e!AArrttuurriiaa DDruummBBrruutte! A high pitched wobble bass adds flavour to the mix. Free shipping. Designed by passionate synth enthusiasts to cater for the most intrepid, experimental musicians out there. Copyright © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); Arturia Tous droits réservés / In this package you will find: • One DrumBrute … The Arturia DrumBrute is an analog drum synthesizer with 17 fully analog drum and percussion instruments. The DrumBrute from Arturia is a professional-grade, fully analog drum machine aimed at modern indie-rock bands, dance music producers and DJs, hip-hop artists, and electronic musicians. A punchy techno track, showing the aggressive potential of the machine. Born from the lineage of its predecessor, MiniBrute 2 is an adaptable, dynamic synth with semi-modular architecture and huge connectivity. You get the idea. A modular-style groove brings everything together. ", "On the whole, the MiniBrute 2S is a real success. ", "Fine synths, nice and flexible, good sounding, very well priced, very cool patchbay. Song Position Pointer now handles the Song length in Song mode. Instrument size : 19 x 13.2 x 2.3 inches (484 x 336 x 58mm), VCO1 : Saw + UltraSaw, Square +Pulse width, Triangle + Metalizer. From the earliest electronic instruments, synthesizers have expanded and enhanced the possibilities available to musicians. (2) 2 product ratings - Arturia Drumbrute Drum Brute Analog Drum Machine excellent condition. Was: $374.99. MiniBrute 2 has evolved from the legendary monosynth that revolutionized the analog scene with its mixable waveforms, Steiner-Parker filter, and Brute Factor. No external samples or instruments were used. With a creative approach, MiniBrute 2 will be able to master any trick you can imagine. Multiple tuning modes for fine, coarse or LFO In this area, you can obtain preset banks to be used with your Arturia product. The MiniBrute 2 has nothing to hide. Also impressive is its KeyStep-style sequencer, perfect for on-the-fly improvisation. ", "Platinium Award - Thank you for purchasing the Arturia DrumBrute! Welcome on the Arturia official YouTube channel.Discover all our instruments and learn how to tame them!Your Experience - Your Sound This manual covers the features and operation of Arturia’s DrumBrute, a full-featured analog drum synthesizer, pattern sequencer and live performance device. The firmware files will be available on the website at release. Beefy filter with Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, and Notch modes. The KeyLab's firmware update is now possible. All sound parameters can be changed instantly and set with the intuitive interface. Whether you think the MiniBrute 2 is impressive or intimidating, we have created a world of useful tools and accompaniments to help you build the best relationship possible with our organic, vital synth. A drum machine with attitude, the Arturia DrumBrute Impact is an addictively fun, instantly satisfying beat maker with a beefy, unique sound. No natural selection here. Providing 17 distinct, fully analog drum and percussion instruments with an intuitive sequencer, massive connectivity, a two-mode Steiner-Parker filter, and dynamic performance controls, DrumBrute … The Factory controller has a new global parameter, Knob Mode, allowing to switch between Absolute and Relative. Edit your sequences and user scales directly in the MIDI Control Center. Ultra Saw makes A bouncy and playful techno tune with a pitched snare drum line, melodic bass and triangle wave pad, and a strumming string style lead. (Waveform mixing). or Best Offer. DrumBrute Impact can connect to other music-making devices. The team at Arturia have created a vibrant world for it to inhabit. Legal notices / The DrumBrute is incredibly versatile. Once tamed, this little beast will reveal the full range of its vocalizations, including raging leads and piercing sequences, as well as smooth pads and purring bass. tones. Will you focus on the musical performance, set up sequences and arpeggios, losing yourself in the real-time tweaking of the sound parameters, or create hybrid sounds with modular synths (5U, westcoast and Eurorack)? The sound of DrumBrute is based on the best-of-the-best classic analog drum sounds. The synth is semi-modular, even with no patch leads connected, and each of its features has already been cleverly, inspiringly routed. It takes everything we liked about the original - the analog grit, interesting oscillator shaping, Brute factor - and expands on it considerably. We decided not only to apply this mantra to the sound of our new instrument, but to synthesizer itself. Combining bold, hard-hitting analog sounds, a monstrous output distortion, performable controls, superb connectivity, and a powerful sequencer, DrumBrute … On the whole, both versions of the MiniBrute 2 are a real success. SparkLE and Spark can be updated as well. It has a highly intuitive sequencer that is equally useful in real-time or step programming. You can find more information on how to install these presets on the FAQ. MiniBrute 2 was born! Local Control is forced to On after firmware update; V New features. Typically, the DrumBrute … The Sequencer . "There’s a lot of fun and flexibility to be had here and sound wise there’s some very nice sweet spots. DrumBrute is an all-in-one analog drum machine designed with performance and in-depth sound editing at its heart. Arturia DrumBrute Analog Drum Machine Features 17 pure analog drum sounds Kick 1, kick 2, snare, clap, hi-hat 1, hi-hat 2… over USB and MIDI In to play in sync with your favorite DAW. Setting the clock to 24ppq and using the 1/8" TRS to 5-pin DIN from an Arturia BeatStep Pro, I was able to synchronize a vintage Roland MC-202, a TB-303, and a TR-606. At every price point Arturia is delivering gear that exceeds expectations. MiniBrute 2 is a master of both. MiniLab mk2 firmware update now expects later releases, MIDI Console now shows events even when Sync is off. An instrument that would be both comprehensive and evolving. If you’re resolved to reinvent the analogue drum machine, a versatile set of voices is only half the story. Set drum map range to [0,127] for BeatStep Pro, New features from KeyLab 88 version 1.1 are accessible, BeatStep Pro Sequencer 1 Gate type and Sequencer 2 CV type were inverted, Full support of BeatStep Pro (firmware version V1.1.0.3), The firmware revision of you device is now displayed directly under the Device name. Resonance can be pushed into The addition of the patchbay really does massively expand the fl exibility and potential. Give your music the analog impact it deserves! self oscillation. No external samples or instruments were used. Steiner Parker filter (12dB per octave): Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Notch modes. This intense electronica excerpt sounds like its name suggests; choppy and gated tech stabs, bassline and simple square arpeggios underneath a floating ethereal lead. If you want to start dissecting the sound and experimenting, you will find direct, 100% safe access to the MiniBrute 2’s genetic code on the right of its front panel. Arturia DrumBrute Analog Drum Machine With Senor 2 x Microphone Cable and MIDI Cable. Whatever you have planned for this incredible synthesizer, it won’t let you down. The new events will have the same velocity, shift and step repeat values as the original events. Free shipping. utility modules provide extended possibilities. Its Attack and Decay times are External effects include: Reverb and 1/8 note Delay from Ableton Live 9. No external samples or instruments were used. An uplifting, flowing ambient piece that makes use of the VCO 1 Glide for legato melody lines. FM generates rich With MiniBrute 2, you set your own rules of sonic evolution. Beatstep : Firmware update now selects the right firmware version, For Keystep add "soft" curve selection for aftertouch response, Mouse drag is now properly handled on OSX, Available firmware update information is now properly displayed, For KeyLab 88, "Constant 127" Pad velocity curve is now available, The user can edit custom velocity curves for KeyLab 88, No more crash while editing a sequence step with BeatStep Pro, No more error message while updating the firmware, [BSP] No more wrong global settings at opening, [BSP] Correction on wrong Parameter Id Seq2 Hz/V 1V MIDI Note, [BSP] New factory preset (MIDI&USB, Wait to load ON, Pas to Midi Channel USER), [BSP] Pop up ìDevice not connectedî is suppressed when BSP is not connected.